Children's Fitness GSF Rules.

Children's Fitness GSF Rules.
Article 1 - Categories
There are ten age divisions at the GSF Women's Kids Fitness Competition, which are currently as follows:
Fit-Kid-Children's fitness.
1-- Children up to 6 years old.
2 - Children 6-7 years old.
3 - Children 8-9 years old.
4 - Children 10-11 years old.
5 - Children 12-13 years old
6 - Juniors aged 14-17.
7 - Children (model fitness) - Absolute category.
8 - Children Dance Fitness.
9 - Children of the couple.
10 - Children of the group

Article 2 - Rounds
Children's fitness will consist of the following stages:
One-day competitions:
1. Preliminary selection: Round 1 Random program (90 seconds)
2. Comparative Round 2 (4 quarter turns)
3. Final: Round 3 Free program (90 seconds)
Participants may dress as they see fit for their program

Article 3 Clothing
Girls: G-strings or bikini bottoms are strictly prohibited. No G-strings or bikini bottoms
can be worn over swimwear, fishnet stockings or pantyhose. You can't wear thongs either
or bikini bottoms under a skirt or other top that exposes the buttocks when moving
participants on stage. Minimum required clothing: T-shirt and tight shorts
Sports shoes can be worn at the discretion of the participant, but if the competition is held on
gymnastic mat or similar elastic covering, children perform barefoot, but this
must be stated in the inspection report published before the competition.

Article 3 Arbitrary program
1. Each participant will be called to the stage in order of numbering to perform a fitness program to music of their choice, the duration of which should not exceed 90 seconds.
2. Each participant will be represented by number, name and country.
3. The use of props is limited.
Note: A participant is allowed to carry a small item that can be carried or
hold in hand Any object thrown during the exercise should be
removed by the competitor when leaving the stage without causing delay in the competition. Participants
must declare all details at the official child registration.
4. No competitor may use any device left on the platform
material that 1) poses a safety threat to other participants, and/or 2) requires cleanup or
platform repair before further use.
5. The participant must enter and leave the platform to perform the program without
with the help of any other person or persons, for example, cannot be brought to the stage.
6. The use of body oil is strictly prohibited.
Any program will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
1. Each judge will evaluate the program in terms of style, individuality, athletic coordination and overall execution. Judges will also be looking for contestants who perform strength and flexibility moves, as well as gymnastic moves. The program may include aerobics, dance, gymnastics or other displays of athletic talent. There are no mandatory movements.

Article 4 Comparative Round 2 (4 quarter turns)
Uniform for Round 2
Girls: Bra and tight shorts must be plain, opaque and black
Shorts should cover the entire gluteal muscle and the entire front part of the body. Their lower edge
should be parallel to the floor when you are standing straight. G-strings and classic split bikinis
are strictly prohibited.
Round 2 is evaluated according to the following criteria:
1. The judge must first assess the general appearance of the physique. This assessment should begin with
head and spread down, taking into account the entire body. Assessment starting with general
impressions of the physique, should take into account the general development of the body; presentation
balanced, symmetrically developed physique; skin condition and skin tone.
2. The judge's assessment of the athlete's physique must include the athlete's entire presentation,
starting from the moment he enters the stage and ending with the moment he leaves the stage

In these rounds, athletes perform a fitness routine to music chosen by the contestant, duration
which should not exceed 90 seconds.
Again, the judge must consider the OVERALL IMPRESSION, i.e. the entire program with
the moment when the athlete introduces himself on the stage to the moment when the athlete leaves the stage.
Judges are reminded that during these Rounds they are ONLY evaluating the fitness program and NOT
physique The judge should look for a well-choreographed and creative program performed at different tempos/
speed Although mandatory movements are not required, the program should include them
1. Strength elements - for example, lying emphasis, emphasis on extended legs, handstands,
planks and/or one-arm push-ups (gymnastic movements such as somersaults forward and backward,
hand springs and wheels are not considered power elements). Number of force movements, them
the degree of complexity and overall creativity of the movements should be taken into account in the evaluation
2. FLEXIBILITY elements - such as high kicks, bridges, nuts, forward rolls and
back, side splits and/or front splits. should be taken into account when evaluating the program
the number of movements for flexibility, their degree of complexity and the general creativity of movements.
3. STRENGTH ELEMENTS - dynamic elements, such as high jumps, somersaults forward and backward,
springs on hands, air wheels, air walks, spins, running jumps. These movements
require perfect technique and must be taken into account when evaluating the complexity of the program.
4. SPEED or pace of the program demonstrates the level of cardiovascular training,
stamina and endurance. For example, if two programs contain the same type and quantity
movements for strength and flexibility, a program performed at a faster pace is more challenging
to perform if the movements are performed correctly.
A program consisting only of gymnastic movements should be reduced. Again,
the judge must always consider the "Total Package" and not just the sum of individual moves. Exist
component - an element of "showmanship" that participants bring to a fitness program that is unique
for them and creates a general impression. It's their personality and stage presence as well
a natural rhythm that should play a role in each competitor's final place.
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