Folk bench press GSF and Rules of execution.

                                                                                                                    1. PEOPLE BENCH PRESS.

  • 1.1.1 The weight on the bar is set equal to the own weight of the athlete  for Women half body weight of an athlete, fixed on weighing. Weight should be a multiple of 2.5 kilograms.

If the weight of the athlete is not a multiple of 2.5, then he shall be rounded to a large side to the nearest weight multiple of 2.5 kilograms.

1.1.2 The bench should be located on the platform headboard to to the senior judge. The athlete must lie on his back, shoulders and buttocks
touching the bench surface. Buttocks must not come off the bench during exercise. The sole of his shoe, or part of the sole,
must be in contact with the surface of the platform. Head positioning remains at the discretion of the athlete.

1.1.3 An athlete of any height may provide solid foot support Use discs or blocks to increase height. Block size should not exceed 45 * 45 cm.

1.1.4 Must be present no more than four and at least two insurers / assistants. The athlete may ask for assistants either
a personal insurer to help him remove the bar from the racks. Only designated insurers / assistants may remain on the platform during perform bench press.

1.1.5 The bar is fed to straight arms, but not to the chest. Personal the insurer, having assisted the athlete in lifting the bar from the racks, must immediately
free up space before the head judge and leave the platform. If the personal insurance athlete will not immediately leave the platform, or
or otherwise closes the review, the senior judge has the right to give the command “On racks. "After the senior judge has clarified the reasons for giving such a command athlete continues to perform within the designated area time exercises.

1.1.6 The distance between the hands on the neck, which is measured between with index fingers, should not exceed 81 cm. If the athlete grabs
fingerboard at different distances when one hand goes beyond the marked notches or tapes, then it is incumbent upon him to warn of this
senior judge, and allow verification of the selected grip before attempts to complete the exercise. If this is not done before the athlete enters
platform for competitive attempt, all necessary explanations or grip width measurements will be carried out during time allocated to the athlete to complete the attempt. Allowed use of reverse grip and use of one-way grip.

1.1.7 Athlete performs only one approach (excepterrors in setting the weight of the staffs and others).

1.1.8 After removing the bar from the racks, fully extended arms with with a grip not exceeding the permitted one, taking the starting position at
where the buttocks touch the bench and the legs are on the platform without touching bench or its supports, the command of the senior judge on the platform: "Bench".

1.1.9 An athlete receives only one team to begin execution exercises.

1.1.10 After receiving the command, the athlete must make the first repetition in exercise: lower the bar until it touches the bar of the body and then
squeeze the bar up to the “Straightened arms” position (forearms straightened in the elbow joints no less than when taking the starting
position, before the command “Bench Press”). After that, the senior judge on the platform immediately announces the ordinal score of the completed repetition, after
what the athlete makes the next repetition and so on.

1.1.11 The goal of an athlete is to fulfill the maximum number repetitions with a barbell set weight, within one approach.

1.1.12 Judge score means a counted attempt. If instead of an account the judge’s command sounds or the score is repeated, which means the athlete is allowed
1.2 Reasons why repetition in the bench press does not count.
1.2.1 In the case of the command "To the racks" during lifting rods in the "straightened arms" position.
1.2.2 In case of incomplete extension of the forearms in the elbow joints in the top point of the amplitude of motion.
1.2.3 If there is no contact with the chest bar during execution movements at the lower point of the amplitude.
1.2.4 In the case of intentionally touching the racks of the bench with the bar or safety stops during the exercise in order to facilitate press completion.
1.3 Clarification.
1.3.1 It is permitted and not an error to move the feet along platform (supports for legs) without complete loss of contact with its surface.
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