GSF Multiple Deadlift and Rules


2.1.1 The beginning of the exercise is the athlete performing the first repetition in the approach. At the same time, the athlete’s exit to the platform from the moment of announcement Secretary that the weight is ready, the athlete is given 1 minute.
2.1.2 Judge score means a counted attempt.
2.2 If instead of the score another team of the judge sounds, then the athlete a mistake has been made and this repetition will not be counted.
2.2.1 The “Knees” command sounds if the athlete is in the final phase of movement Don't straighten your knees.
2.2.2 The “Hips” command sounds if the athlete is supporting hips or stop with hips support.
2.2.3 These commands are given by both the senior and the side referee. If in the side referee gives the command time to complete the exercise, indicating
mistake, and the senior judge does not stop the ordinal score, then such a quantity repetitions are subtracted from the final result of the approach.
2.3 When performing multiple repetitive deadlifts allowed.
2.3.1 Movement in the rebound from the platform.
2.3.2 Any steps or swaying of the foot from toe to heel.
2.4 When performing multi-repeat deadlift is not allowed.
2.4.1 Release the bar from the hands. Allowed only to intercept the bar in the lower part of the amplitude of motion, while not letting go of it completely.
2.5 Reasons why repetitions in multiple repetitive deadlifts are not counted.
2.5.1 Hip support during barbell lift.
2.5.2 Incomplete straightening of the knees in the final phase of movement, not the adoption in the final phase of the movement of a fixed rack with retracted back
shoulders and straight back.
2.5.3 Lack of touch of the platform at the bottom of the movement.
2.6 The reasons why the implementation of the approach is terminated.
2.6.1 The team to end the approach is the team of the senior judge Stop (Stop), followed by the command “Down” (Release (“Down”).
2.6.2 Athlete's performance of more than two errors in total, for which indicate the judge’s team.
2.6.3 Release the bar from the hands down unaccompanied.
2.6.4 End of time (3 minutes) allotted for execution exercise
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